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One of my cousins once traced our ancestry in Greece and found we came from Greek pirates! They targeted Ottoman Empire ships so served a duel role as plunderers and patriots. So here is a page dedicated to pirates, their victims, and a few enemies.  The variety of colors of pirate clothing make for some very nice figures.
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Marx pirates toy soldiers Conte Toy soldiers pirates pir001 Contee Toy Soldiers set pir003
Marx made several pirates in the sixties. Here we have
Cpt Flood, Steve Bonnet , Cpt Cobham from their
"Warriors of the World" series
Conte Set PIR001 "Dead Men Tell No Tales" and 3
from a yet unknown set (other angle)
Conte Set PIR003 "Blasted Buchaneers"
(other angle)
Contee Toy Soldiers set pir007 Contee toy soldiers pir020 Contee toy soldiers - setpir021
Conte Set PIR007 "Ready, Aim, Fire!"
(other angle)
Conte Set PIR020 "Duel to the Death"
(other angle)
Conte Set PIR021 "Women Pirates"
(other angle)
Contee toy soldiers pir022
Contee Toy Soldiers pir023
Britains toy soldiers 17519
Conte Set PIR022 "Give em a Broadside"
Guncrew #1 (other angle)
Conte Set PIR023 "Put one across her bow"
Guncrew #2 (other angle)
Britains Toy Soldier set 17519
Pirate Crew w/ Cannon (other angle)