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This page is dedicated to the excellent work by Hiriart Toy Soldiers. They are located in Uraguay and have a very extensive line. Distribution is linited and I feel blessed to have been able to get these sets.

Here is some additonal information on Hiriart.  The family-run business was started by Jaime Hiriart in the 1960s.  Since Jaime retired, his son, Guillermo, now runs it from an apartment in Montevideo, Uruguay. It is beleived that Guillermo does the sculpting, casting, and assembly of the figures himself, while he uses one or two women to paint them.  The Hiriart catalog is numbered from set 1001 to 1365; they never retire a set in their catalog.  All sets are made to order; they do not stock any inventory, hence, the long lead times.  There are dozens/hundreds of non-catalog sets, too.  There is also a separate 40 set Spanish Civil War catalog. - Credit Mike Tarantino for this information. Mike is an avid collector and the US Representative for Hiriart.

The figures below are my first sets.

Hiriart Toy Soldiers set 1119 Evzones Hiriart Toy Soldiers Set 1119 Greek Evzone Band Hiriart Toy Soldiers Set 1348 Greek Navy
Hiriart Set 1119 Greek Evzones. Very nice
painting and poses.
Hiriart Set 1119 Greek Evzones Band.
Very nice set of 19 figures.
Hiriart Set 1348 Greek Naval
figures in 1912 uniform
Hiriart Toy Soldiers Set 1362 Cretan Gendarmerie Hiriart Set 1365 Greek Infantry Balkan War  
Hiriart Set 1362 Cretan Gendarmerie
Salonica 1912 uniform
Hiriart Set 1365 Greek Infantry
Balkan War 1912 uniform
Page created 8/1/2014