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This page is dedicated to the Greek Evzones. Almost all the 1950's figures I've had since I lived in Greece in the 1950's and 60's. There are more coming. Last updated 10/28/2015

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Toy soldiers evzones PAL  Toy soldiers evzones PAL Aohna  Toy soldiers evzones pal aohna 
1950's PAL Evzones with ceremonial grey uniforms 1950's PAL Greek Evzones with ceremonial red
uniforms. I think these are pretty rare.
1950's PAL Greek Evzone officers.
Greek toy soldiers union of south africa set 5100
Britains model 196 Greek Evzones Union of South Africa set 5100 Greek Evzones in
Action. Angle 2, 3, box
This is the 2nd SAE set I have.
A nice set of Greek Evzones from AVON Toys.
The two on the left are From AVON, the middle guy is
 from Henry Heyer, and the two on the right are Johilco..
Evzones, Unknown maker, 2 in need of repair to
 the rifles
Metal replicas of AOHNA Evzones by Jiorgos
Georgoudis in Salonika, Greece.
Toy soldiers evzones South African Engineers Evzones Toy soldiers evzones
Later AOHNA Evzones Red ceremonial uniforms 17 piece set from S.A.E. South African Engineers
(pic2, pic3
Later AOHNA Evzones Blue ceremonial uniforms
Evzones with guard houses Greek Evzones by Henry Heyer.
Modern Summer Uniform
3 Evzones from the "Shores of Tripoli" collection
by Honorbound
Aohna Evzone Band. Complete set I think. Another complete Band. Slightly different stances
on some of them. 
42mm Evzone in Balkan War Uniform. Casting by
 Irregular Miniatures painted by yours truly. 
A Beautiful Set of Evzones from Beau-Geste Another Beautiful Set from Beau-Geste - Evzone
A Set from Manes Marzano of Evzones in the
 Napoleonic War serving Britain There are 3 other
set by this fine maker. That I'm looking for.
Toy soldiers evzones
Another Nice Set of Henry Heyer Evzones Del Prado Partisan "Ellas" Maybe not really an
Evzone - WW2 era uniform.
Britain's style Greek Evzones in Early 1900's
Uniform. Castings by Buckslip, painted by me.
(Yes there are a few blondes in there!)
athena toy soldiers evzones    
AOHNA Evzones in blue overcoat, circa 1960's
(other view)
Greek War of Independence Fighters by Dorset of
England. The picture does not do these justice.
WWI Evzones by Dorset. Beautiful work.
Toy soldiers evzones
Greek Evzone Band by Henry Heyer A cast of
12 fine figures
A nice trio of Evzones Parade order at attention by
Toy Box Army on Etsy
Another nice trio of Evzones from Toy Box Army..
Here is a metal 54mm Evzone I got on eBay
from Bulgaria. Made by Alexis Arion. He needs
to be repainted I think.
Mignot Set 0110A Evzones in 1907 uniform. Another nice Mignot set
Pal Evzone in winter weekday uniform. PAL Evzone in expeditionary uniform of 1938 to
An interesting mounted Evzone by, I'm guessing,
Alexis Arion. 
Evzones by Avon Toy Soldiers  Evzones by Avon Toy Soldiers  Evzones by Avon Toy Soldiers 
    Avon Toy Soldiers
Evzones by Avon Toy Soldiers  Evzones by Avon Toy Soldiers  Evzones by Avon Toy Soldiers 
Jones recast Evzones (ang 2)
Evzone by Avon Toy Soldiers  Evzones by Avon Toy Soldiers  Evzone by Avon Toy Soldiers 
    Grey Iron Greek Evzone
Evzone by Avon Toy Soldiers  Evzone by Avon Toy Soldiers  Some rare Grey Iron Evzone #S537
Greek Evzones Alexis Arion Henry Heyer Toy Soldiers Evzones Greek toy soldiers dorset greeks
Some solid lead Evzones by Alexis Arion Henry Heyer Toy Soldiers, Greek Evzones
in WW2 Uniform
Nice set from Dorset of a Greek Evzone
band in winter uniform.
Dorset toy soldiers greeks henryheyergreekevzones Greek Evzone toy soldiers
This seems to be an uncataloged set from Dorset
of Greek Evzones w/helmets. WW1
Henry Heyer Toy Soldiers
Greek Evzones in Balkan uniform
A Boxed Set of Evzones By Comet. (Close up)
Greek Evzone Toy Soldiers Britains set 196 Greek Evzone toy soldiers Unknown maker Greek Evzone 1913
Britains Set 196 Early version. (Another image) Three 54mm matt finished Greek Evzones.
Unknown maker (Side view)
Evzone 2/39 Regiment Missolonghi Balkan Wars 1913
From Greek Heros  Painted in highest quality.
Views Left, Right, Back
Greek Evzone 1921 Jones Greek Evzones Thin red line toy soldiers
Evzone 5/42 Regiment - Sakarya 1921
from Greek Heros Views Left, Right, Back
A mint set of Jones Evzones Circa 1940's.
The paper used as padding is dated Dec 1, 1945!
Close up 1   Close up 2
This is an Evzone band by Thin Red Line Toy
Soldier Company. Can't find a thing about the
company but this is a neat set. (box) (other angle)
athena toy soldier greek cretan evzone Greek toy Soldier PAL evzone in blue Greek toy soldiers evzones
Athena Toy Soldier Cretan Uniform (back) PAL Evzone in Blue uniform. (back) 6 Evzones by a Belgian converter. They look like
they were cast from Britains figures. Great uniforms.
(other angle)
Greek toy soldiers Evzones Manes Marzano Greek Toy Soldiers Manes Marzano Greek Toy Soldiers
3 more from Belgian maker. Love the flag. The figure on
 the right is not an Evzone but I'm leaving him here
for now. (other angle)
Manes Marzano Greek Toy Soldiers
In British Service (ang 2)
Manes Marzano Greek Toy Soldiers
In French Service (ang 2)
AOHNA Greek Dancers aohna toy soldiers greek aohna toy soldiers greek
AOHNA Greek Dancers. Two sets of the connected
figures, 2 single male dancers and 2 sets of musicians.
(ang 2, ang 3)
A boxed set of AOHNA Greek Evzones,
 the last models made in Blue uniforms.
A boxed set of AOHNA Greek Evzones,
 the last models made in Red uniforms.
Grekk toy soldiers evzones Greek toy soldiers evzones Avon greek toy soldiers evzones
From a Greek maker. These antique Evzones stand
about 4". (alt view and stamp)
64mm Evzones Diorama. Nice sculpting and
painting by "NS" 2010-03-30 (ang 2)
16 Greek Evzones firing by AVON toy soldiers.
Nice work. (Top, Back)
Holger eriksson evzone Britains greek evzones set 196 Greek toy soldiers
A pair of Evzones by Holger Eriksson
(Angle 2)
A different Britains set 196
I first thought these had been repainted but the
paint is original. It could be a custom set.
Blue tassels and an officer are not in the
 standard set. Acquired from Europe
.(ang 2 Ang 3)
4 very old Evzone figures in 3 styles.
All are semi-flat and 3" tall. The first
is advancing, the second has a backpack
and the last 2 are the same mold.
(ang 2)