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Britians Toy Soldiers

I think W. Britains makes some fine figures. Collecting these sets is addictive. Last updated 6/5/2016.
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toy soldiers Britains toy soldiers Britains beefeaters  toy soldiers Britains 
Scottish Band & a different series of infantrymen 
Loose figures
Beefeaters,  one of my favorite styles -loose Lifeguards on foot -loose
toy soldiers Britains  Britains toy soldiers set 5184 Britains toy soldiers set 5185
A Bobby, Bagpipers, and Horseguards -loose Set 5184 The Mounted Lifeguards Of The Household
 Cavalry, 6 figures. 1984 7000 sets .(no.s 382,5251)
Set 5185 The Seaforth Highlanders 5185 12 painted
 metal marching highlanders.1985 5000 sets (980)
Britains toy soldiers set 5186 Britains toy soldiers set 5188 Britains toy soldiers set 5196
Set 5186 The Welsh Guards 12 figures in Modern
 Review Dress. 1986, 5000 sets.(799,1621)
Set5188 Seaforth Highlanders In Overseas Dress
Uniform 11 figures, including King’s and
Regimental Colors. 1988, 7000 sets. (828,2478,
Set 5196 The Black Watch, 13 pcs: pipe major, drum
major,6 pipers, bass drummer, 2 side drummers in
leopard skins, 3 side drummers. Pipers in Royal
Stewart tartan plaid, drummers in scarlet tunics with
"drummer's lace". 1996, 2,500 sets. (174)
toy soldiers Britains toy soldiers Britains toy soldiers Britains
Set 5292 The King’s Own Border Regiment, 10 fifers
and drummers: 7 incurrent uniforms, 3 in replicas of
captured Napoleonic French uniforms, playing drums
captured during the battle. 1992, 6000 sets. (1417)
Set5294 The Regimental Band of the 1st Battalion
The Royal Anglian Regiment. 12 pieces in Tropical
Full Dress, a uniform worn in warmer climes. 1994,
5,000 sets. (1539)
Set 5391 The U.S. Army Band: “Pershing’s Own”
Marching bandmaster, bass drum, cymbals, 2 side
drums, 3 bugles, 2 fifes. 1991, 6000 sets.
(845,1213, 1372)
US Army Color Guard in display box base.  Scottish Highlanders in Display box base. Scottish Highlanders - escaping from thier box. 
Britains toy soldiers set 2079
Mounted Lifeguard Bugler - loose.  Set 7218 Queen Elizabeth and her men. Unboxed Set 2079 Royal Company of Archers
Britains toy soldiers set 8
Britains Toy Soldies Set 8. Queen's 4th Hussars
No box (ang 2)
Set 7303 Marine Color Guard Large Set Set 573 All the King's Men
Toy Soldiers Britains 7228 Toy Soldiers Britains 7229 Toy Soldiers Britains 7236
Set 7228 Mounted Lifeguards Set 7229 Mounted Horseguards Set 7236 Canadian Mounties w/Lances
Set 7232 Queen Elizabeth Set 7247 Mounted Lifeguard Trumpeter Set 8805 Irish Guard
Set 8822 Kings Rifleman Set 8802 Worcestershire Regiment Set 8801 Essex Regiment
Set 7248 Policemen, Lifeguard, Scots Guard, Yeoman,
Set 7227 Lifeguards and Horseguards Top Set 7301 U.S. Marines Color Party
Bottom Set 7306 U.S. Army Color Party
Set 00139 Drum Major and Piper Set 00138 Piper Major and Piper Set 00140 17th Purbiah Drummer & Piper
Set 7242 Gordon Highlander Pipers Set 7240 Set 136 (4 out of 5) Mounted Cossacks
Set 7226 Lifeguards, Beefeaters, and Scots Guards Set 7207 Scots Guards Color Party And  Escort
(10 figs) (RB)
Set 7210 Scots Guards Drum And Bugle Set
 (4 figures) (RB)
Toy Soldiers Britains 7210 Toy Soldiers Britains 7241
Six Loose Lifeguards Set 7210 Scots Guard Drum and Bugle Set
(Different set)
Set 7241 6 Scots Guards Pipers
Toy Soldiers Britains 7204 Toy Soldiers Britains 7204  
Set 7204 Scots Guards, Colour Party, and
Escort 10 figures
Set 7204 Royal Marines Drums and Bugles
12 figures
Set 7226  Lifeguards, Beefeaters, and Scots Guards
(Different set)
Set 7229 3 Mounted Horseguards  Set 7233 Mounted Horseguard, Her Majesty Queen
Elizabeth, and Mounted Lifeguard 
Set 7239 Gordon Highlander Officer, Piper, and
4 men 
Britains set 00102 toy soldiers Britains toy soldiers set 5297 Britains toy Soldiers
 Britains Set 00102 Regimental Band of the Royal Scots
Dragoon Guards. Set 755 of 2000 (Label, 1, 2)
Britains Set 5297 The Black Watch (Royal Highland
Regiment) Colour Party and Escort. #212 of  2500
Label, other angle1 other angle 2
Britains set 00318 Limited Edition (1000) Hamley's
Hussar Regiments of the British Army 1880 - 1940
 (other angle, cover)
Britains toy soldiers west point cadets britains toy soldiers 1257 britains toy solders 1475
Britains Toy Soldier set 299 West Point Cadets
W/box (ang 3)
Britains Toy Soldier set 1257 Beefeaters w/Officer
Unboxed set (ang 2)
Yeomen of the Guard from Set 1475
19 piece set which I'm sure is pretty cool. (ang 2)
britains toy soldiers set 2148 britains toy solders set 41000 Britains Toy Soldiers
Britains Toy Soldier set 2148 Canadian Fort
Henry Guard w/mascot. Unboxed set (ang 2)
Britains Set 41000 Queen Elizabeth II 50th
Anniversary Coronation Figures. (ang 2)
Britains Toy Soldier set 5192
Royal Irish Rangers. Love the dog. (ang 2)
britains toy soldiers petit soldats Britains toy soldiers  
Britains Toy Soldiers set 8899 The Spanish
American War. (ang 2)
Britains Toy Soldiers set 1253 US Navy Summer