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James Knight Collection

This page is dedicated to the collection of James Knight. I met Jim through eBay and he was nice enough to send me pictures of his collection.
He has agreed to let me display it on my site. Jim is ex-US Navy and a heck of a nice guy. To see a larger version of the image with sharper details Click on any image on this page and the larger image will open in a new window. Some descriptions also have links to display images.
Case 1 case 2 Case 3
Case 1: 48 pieces of the work of Ramoń Labayen, being personalities of the Napoleonic Wars, e.g., General Van Damme, General Legrande, HRH Joseph Bonaparte of Spain, Marshal Murat [several different stages of Murat are depicted]. On the top shelf, right side is a single figure from Niena Studios, Moscow, Russia of a Clan MacGregor soldier. Case 2: In this antique counter top display are some of the various armored vehicles and heavy artillery in the collection. King & Country set WS-36 “Tank Killers,” Britains set 8946 WW1 Male tank, WW2 King & Country SDKFZ 232 armored car, Britains set 1266 18” howitzer, plus several other figures. Case 3: This commences the foundation displays for this, my third collection. I found a sale where the store was going out of business and was selling as one lot five cases. I bought them and then found my collection at that time did not contain enough figures to fill all five. What a challenge! Since that time, I have striven to fill the cases. I have almost completed the job. [I do leave one shelf almost empty just to be sure I have some space left to fill.] In addition to the Authenticast, Britains, Monarch, CBG, Niena, there is one Imrie-Richardson WW2 infantryman painted by John Connolly. There is a real 1939 Iron Cross First Class to add something different.
Case 4: Mixed in with Authenticast Scots sets 535 and 543, Authenticast U.S. Infantry set 301, Britains set 137 Bren Gun Carrier, are several medals; U.S.A. Mexican Service 1911 - 1917, British WW2 Star 1939-1945. There is a medic standing alongside a National Mint WW2 ambulance. Britains set 241 Chinese Boxers [from Forbes collection] stand next to unknown maker Japanese Samurai of the mid 17th century. Case 5: The first shelf holds Nostalgia’s Chinese Wei-Hai-Wei band. Just below resides Britains set 293 containing Queen Victoria with her piper, Mr. Brown. The display is completed with Niena’s Napoleonic Russian Grenadier Guard and a Russian artillery unit of
9 figures.
Case 6: Among the first of my Britains re-paints purchases are the five figures Belgian WW1 cavalry by Ken Kearsey on the top shelf, left side. The rest are British mounted c. 1880, Britains 8802 Worcestershire Regiment, an English command set c. 1880, and
Steadfast set 85 Gatling gun.
Case 7: Forces of Valor M1A3 WW2 Sherman tank stands next to a portrait photo of General George S. Patton, USA, USMA Class of 1909. Sovereign Gordon Highlanders fill out several shelves, followed by Britains Arabs of the desert from Forbes collection and Bussler U.S. Infantry. An unknown maker’s U.S. infantry and artillery c.1812 and a British medical team precede the bottom shelves of Authenticast set 553 33rd Punjab Indian Army c.1900, Britains Damlier MKII scout car and Bren Gun Carrier. Case 8: Highland games by Reeves/White top this case. Then a Boer War naval gun crew with 4.7” field mounted naval gun. The Maxim machine gun is manned by Black Watch crew made by Steadfast. There is a Welch Guard band. The Steadfast WW1 U.S. Artillery crew service a 75mm cannon. Case 9: More Highlanders dominate this case. Do you get the
impression the collector is biased toward Scotland? Of course. Later in the collection [Case 31], you will see my Clan MacLennan Pipe band. One of my ancestors fought with the Highlanders at Waterloo. Steadfast provided the medical corps figures from sets SF20 and SF21.
Case 10: Again, more Highlanders. British Bulldog, Tradition,
Steadfast, Authenticast, Johillco, Minikins, lead the King & Country Highland band, all surrounding the British George Medal.
Case 11: Top = Mignot Halberds. A Niena Medieval cannon with
gunner. Britains set 1725 4.5” howitzer with crew. Johillco knights.
Medieval cannon with two gunners. Finishing with Britains Silver
Gun of the Delhi Dubar set 0141.
Case 12: Britains Band of the Line set 27, Mignot Napoleonic
artillery, Mignot Larrey’s Ambulance [referenced 826, page 179,
Soldats de Plomb & Figurines Civiles, Blondieau 1993], Mignot
Napoleonic ammunition wagon. King & Country’s original 39 piece
Chinese Wedding Party.
toy soldiers
Case 13: USMC with colors [2], Authenticast WW2 identification
model Stuart light tank [M3], Britains USMA cadets, Steadfast
Royal Marines artillery, Charles Biggs Australian litter bearers
WW1, WW2 U.S. Occupation medal and ribbon, Britains Royal
Marines Color Party, Miscellanious shooting medals from my virile
youth when I could see straight.
Case 14: On top is a smaller case known to me as 14a containing WW2 Brit infantry; collector painted Zouave c.1860, Black Watch Nile Nile War,, Brit Infantry 1878 - 1880. I am especially proud of the
Zouave. The figures I painted are by Hinton Hunt. In the main case 14 are:
1st Mignot Napoleonic sets and figures

2nd More Napoleonic figures including a Hummel drummer

3rd Russian Niena Studio wheel cannon of the medieval period,
Steadfast USN c.1812 gun crew & gun, miscellaneous figures

4th Roman forum with Niena Romans, one derelict Conte viking,
USMA & USNA figures made by Jones c.1922.
Case 15:Starting at top, Manes Marzono American Civil War Louisiana Tigers. And, here reside the figures by Richard Courteney;
Lord Halifax, QE 1, David King of Scots, among those on the second shelf. Below follow Imrie-Richardson figures painted by Tom Connolly and Jon Peterson. Mr. Peterson’s works were done about the time he received honors at the Philadelphia Toy Soldier Show in 1978. The collector and friends had opened a shop in Yorktown,
Virginia, in time for the USA Bicentennial events to be held there where Peterson's figures were sold. Some of the boxed figures, e.g., British 64th Regiment of Foot, were cast and painted especially for The Garrison in Yorktown [the name of the shop] by Donald Clines, one of the owners. Also therein resides the Lancer Polonaise kettle drummer by Joan DesFountaine, a gift to the collector in 1950 [and the sole remaining piece from First Collection]. At the bottom, on desk, current figures waiting for their uniforms.
Case 16: The smaller case separate and on top of the main case 16 contains figures I cast and painted. The Rourke’s Drift defenders were painted by me. The main case contains figures by Trophy [Royal Marines 1805], Tournement [Grenadier Guards band and Colour Party], a Guards band I cast and painted, Mims Scotish Clan Chief Douglas, 78th, 79th and 92nd Highlanders, some Russian made Cossacks and individual figures. The bottom shelf, Mignot U.S. Navy band c.1898, several boxes from Garrison in Yorktown [Donald Clines], Steadfast SF110 King’s Troop RHA, and a USA National Defense medal.

Case 17:  World War Two gave rise to many identification models.  This is one containing various models of warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

 For a close up click here.

Case 18:  Not all figures in the collection are the 54mm full rounds.  A few are old German flat figures gifts from friends of the collector.

 For a closeup of Case 18 Click here.



Case 19:  Worthy of museum location, the collector obtained at one auction this detailed model of a Wickes Class USN World War One destroyer - a four stack.  It is one of several ship models in the collection.  Overall length of the model is about 38 inches.

Case 20:  This is a magnificent model of H.M.S. Racehorse.  It was constructed by a master model maker at the time located in Stuart, Florida.  The name of the maker is forgotten, but resides in an issue of the Stuart News which gave the model a full page coverage during its making sometime around 1978.  It was made for Captain’s Cache, a small shop then located in Sewall’s Point, Florida.  The model measures 22 inches long by 22 inches tall.

Case 21 Top: Britains set 79 British Naval Gun Party, and U.S. Field artillery lead off. Next to them is a replica Victoria Cross. Moving down the shelves, Britains boxed set 1247 Yeomen of the Guard, Britains 5292 Kings Own Royal Borderers Regimental Band, Tradition Egyptian Camel Artillery, a Britains 203 Royal Engineer Pontoon Section.
Case 21 Bottom Boxed Britains set 1307, 16th Century Knights next to Lionel #41 US Army switch engine pulling Lionel #6257 caboose. Nearby, a Little Legion British navy colour guard greets the train. Dallas ship model with 30mm der Kriegspeliers [a/k/a Custom Cast] figures on deck next to a first edition of Little Wars by H G Wells. Case 22:  The Admiral Nelson case.  A Tradition T-93 set of a gun crew of H.M.S. Victory stand next to the Britains scene of the Death of Nelson on board Victory.  Admiral Nelson stands behind the gun. Case 23:  And yet, more Scots.  The upper shelf is a mixed lot watching for Queen Victoria to drive by lead by a Guards band [unknown maker] and guards.  Below we have Waterloo types of French Line Fusiliers [Trophy] and Old Guard [Prince August] attacking 92nd and 93rd Highlanders [Frontline Figures], and The Thin Red Line [Trophy].




Case 24 Top:  Britains State Landau with Escort [2094], Ducal’s USN Color Guard.  A slew of ship identification models float near a U.S. Naval Academy sword belt buckle.  What would a war be without its office clerks?  Steadfast provided some answers with SF84 and SF84A office wagons and staff personnel.  Another remnant from the second collection is the American War for Independence canon and crew.  Case 24 Bottom:  More Scots with Britains General Grant, a color party, boxed Britains and a Napoleonic field artillery team. Case 25:  A mix of artillery pieces, Britains and others.  Britains Scots Guard Pipers, Kingcast’s Sierra Leone Frontier Force, der Kriegspielersm 30mm ACW Union artillery team.  My USN Expert Rifle medal [my expert pistol medal resides elsewhere in the collection].  National Mint provides the mobility for the Steadfast WW1 US Artillery group.  US WW2 Victory medal.  Gordon Highlander pipers.  Britains Arabs from sets 106, 164.

Case 26:  Now we really get into the collection!  I constructed the case having found store bought ones usually have some solid form blocking the view of the figures on the shelves.  The covering plexiglas front is one piece, allowing a full view of all inside.  LED lighting was positioned over each shelf to provide sufficient illumination.  Also, most were not wide enough to provide for parades like that on the top shelf - FDR’s Inaugural Parade.  On the far right, Mignot's West Point Cadets lead off, followed by USNA Midshipmen band.  Britains USMC company, then Britains US sailors lead FDR's National Mint 1937 Buick.  The USNA color guard [Steadfast] leads the midshipmen [officered by a woman].  The last are midshipmen from US Merchant Marine Academy [Steadfast].  On the second shelf is QE2 coronation parade.  Just below QE2 is a batallion of Britains Guards defending against attack by Britains Zulus [from set 147] and Togoland warriors.  To the right are Britains bands:  Black Watch Pipes, Coldstream Guards, Band of the Line, and mounted band set 101.  The bottom shelf contains Britains sailors landing somewhere along the Nile.  To the right is a survey party by Steadfast.  Then there is a dispute among the crusaders in the Holy Land [Britains with Timpo's Ivanhoe and Johillco knights.

Case 27:  1st shelf, Britains RHA set 39.  2nd shelf, Royal Scots Greys, Black Watch.  3rd shelf, Household cavalry, 5th Lancers, several Britains plastic figures.  4th shelf, Britains German WW1 trench, Cresent's Brits attacking, supported by Britains machinegun section.  5th shelf, Mignot Zouave band and Polish lancers.  Bottom, Mignot Japanese defending against landing of Strombecker USMC.

Case 28:  Identification models of WW2 ships.  This set was given to me in 1946 by the officer who used it training sailors.  Some of the pieces were lost by me during playtime.


Case 29:  What remains of the “O” Gauge collection, is one of two Williams Southern Pacific Cab Forward engine and tender.  There is also a Lionel #49 switcher and 257, 530 (2), 259.  A few sections of track might be around. 

Case 30:  Another large case with:
st shelf:  ACW pieces from Mignot, Britains
2nd shelf:  Potsdam WW1 German band, Britains Black Watch, Ducal Royal Scots, Britains Argentine Lancers, Tradition 5th Lancers.
3rd shelf:  Mignot Spahis, Revees Napoleonic Band, Edmunds ACW NY infantry, Queen Victoria, another Napoleonic band.
4th shelf:  Ducal Royal Marines band, USN Rifle and Pistol Expert miniature medals, Ducal Seaforth Highlanders, Ducal      Grenadier Guards.
5th shelf:  Britains anti-aircraft Lewis gun, William Grant Rangers, Britains WW1 infantry attacking Authenticast WW2 Germans

Case 31:  multi layer case
1st:  Wessex British Naval Brigade, Britains set 120
2nd:  Ducal Royal Scots Pipes & Drums, Royal Horse Artillery 1806
3rd:  Prince August MacLennan pipe band [painted by me], Britains Scots Guards
4th:  Zulu Wars diorama [Blenheim, King Cast, Quartermaster Corps

    toy soldiers

Case 32:  Another great BIG case:
1st:  British infantry camp circa 1890 [Dorset, Caberfeich Miniatures         of Scotland, Horning Art, M J Mode]
2nd:  Ducal Royal Marine Band lead by RM infantry, Britains Royal         Marine Artillery, Britains Royal Marine Artillery Band [repaints of Band of the Line?], Ducal and Britains RM at present arms.
3rd:  Zulus attacking at Isandlwana [Steadfast, Britains, Mignot,           Dorset, King Cast]
4th:  Gurkas, Black Watch, RHA, Gordon Highlanders, Britains            Mountain Artillery, Britains Royal Marines
5th:   Royal Bahamas Police Band, Britains Bikanir Camel Corps,           more Black Watch [many more]

Case 33: 

Under re-assignment

Case 33 (Bottom)
4th: Mignot #240 Spahis, Britains #129 2nd Life Guards, Colarik medieval knights.
5th: Authenticast 1st Georgia Rgmt c.1775, Authenticast #621 French Turcos, Britains #1283 Grenadier Guards.
6th: Britains Egyptian Cavalry #115,

James Knight Toy soldiers
Case 35
Toy soldiers

Case 36


Case 34: 
1st: Mignot Roman cavalry, Roman infantry, Italian Bersagliere.
2nd: U.S. Infantry WW1 Band.
3rd: Britains #2109 Black Watch Pipe Band, Britains #2014 USMC band.

Case 35: Another case I made to open up display of figures:
1st: Britains #137 Bren Gun Carrier, Britains Sopwith Camel with crew, Authenticast British desert troops, Britains Armored Car, US WW1 infantry summer uniform, unknown maker British Guards running at the trail, John Tunstill British Royal Marines Band [Boer War], Britains #17 Somerset Light Infantry, Britains Coldstream Guards firing #90 , Britains Scots Guard Pioneers #82, Britains Changing of the Guard [a put-together set of mixed Guards figures [including sets #2078, #130, #1515, #37].
2nd: Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Band, Britains Scot's Guard Pipes and Drums #1722, Britains #171 Dueling Royal Scot Grey with French Hussar, Britains #2086 Queen's Royal Regiment firing, Mignot #136 Monaco Guards, Britains #146 wagon, Britains #1518 WW2 ambulance, Blackhawk Carthaginian War Elephant
3rd: WW2: German Panther tank diorama, Sherman tank destroying German machine-gun emplacement, German Wirbelwind anti-aircraft tank, Higgins boats landing against tanks, one containing Willies Jeep.

Case 36:
  der Kriegspielers AWI Brit attack Continentals 

Case 37:  Britains German halftrack, King and Country Reich Chancellery entrance 
  Toy soldiers   

Case 38:
1st:  Britains #134, Japanese Infantry Charging c.1905, Britains very early Black Watch “plug arm” c.1906
2nd:  REKA 1926 – 1929 German Infantry Charging & British infantry prone shooting.  REKA was taken over by Crescent. Boxed Russo-Japanese War 1906 Victory Medal, unknown maker Brit guard
3rd:  Britains Canadian Governor General's Horse Guard, 11th Hussars, Household Calvary.
4th:  Nostalgia's Fiji Military Band

Case 39:  Britains North Gate diorama Waterloo, Mignot copies French Line Infantry.  Angle 2, Angle 3

Case 40:  a/k/a the Castle, believed to be made c.1950 for FAO Schwartz, New York.  Gordon Highlanders [Prince August?], Johillco knights, miscellaneous pieces
case 45

  Case 42: A WW1 German harbor patrol departs the King & Country wharf to investigate a noise.

Case 44: Top shelves are mostly medieval figures from Mignot, Russia Niena Studios, Britains. Into this mix are Napoleonics, British c.1890’s, Scythian, Greek hoplite, Persian king, Norman, Japanese samurai, Mr Dennis Britain, Tsar Peter the Great, several others. The bottom is Brits [c.1889] being attacked by Fuzzy Wuzzies. Amazingly, the Brits are supported by WW1 US Army machine gun and artillery. The Fuzzy Wuzzies are lead by a couple of Manes Marzano mounted figures  

Case 45: From top to bottom, Chinese Boxers charging, "Mignot" [may be copies, sure looks like it to me] French Work Party, Manes Marzano French Retreat from Russia, Authenticast Continental infantryman c.1778, Mignot wagon, USN Civil War officer and gunner.
  Toy soldiers

Mignot toy soldiers
Case 43: A Britains deposé Horse Guard from Paris office together with individual pieces of Britains and Johillco cavalry Case 41: 
1. Hiriart Scots Guard, Britains 12th Lancer, Grenadier Guard, 7th Dragoons.
2. Rose Miniatures: Grenadier Guards infantry and Pioneer, Britains Canadian Mounted Police.
3. Russian figures: Knight mounted with an axe XIII - XIV century, England Count Oxxford 14th century.
4. Stadden English and Scottish Infantry c.1815.
5. Britains Royal Scots Greys, Argentine Lancers.
6. Imrie/Richardson Napoleonic Old Guard.
7. Makeshift artillery piece: Britains horses, Heirichson caisson, unknown maker cannon.
Case 48
Mignot produced this set, #9025, of 36 pieces showing Napoleonic Regimental flags.
toy soldiers 
 Toy soldiers
Shadow box

Case 46
Another of my home-built display cases, Case #46 is filled with 75 pounds of lead to stabilize it. The lead consists of figures from Britains, Steadfast, Authenticast, Nostalgia, Johillco, Tradition, Dorset, Prince August, Ball, Amherst Miniatures, and Anne Deyerle. A couple more sets are on the way to finish filling the open spots. 

Case 47
Lucotte #235 Comte de l'Etang, Marlbourgh, Britains Royal Household cavalry, #M15 British Sudan Officers/Palm Trees, Britains #136 Cossacks [with some rescue pieces I repaired], Britains #1330 Royal Engineers Wagon, Metal Miniatures Co of Chicago [1928] US Naval Academy midshipmen.
Case SB (Shadow Box)
Comprised of 30mm flats.
1. Russian Napoleonic Grenadiers.
2. Napoleonic Prussians.
3. WW1 British and German.
toy soldiers toy soldiers Case 51
Case 49:
1st: Miscellaneous single figures of Britain’s, Ken Kersey, other makers.
2nd: Britains Scottish Black Watch pipers, unknown maker Vikings, Britains Scot Band copies, Britains misc. Scots pipers.
3rd: Indian Army cavalry; Skinner's Horse, 1st Bombay Lancers, Hodson's Horse.
Case 50:
Top – Mignot Prussians 1815
Bottom – Mignot English 1815 

CASE 51 This is another display case I made to barrack reinforcement troops. It features S & R Silvano Figures Made in the Heyde Tradition on the top shelf. Richard Silvano is a childhood friend who also enjoyed collecting, reworking and painting toy soldiers. He, and his wife Susan, started casting, painting and selling Heyde recasts in the early 1970s in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where we grew up and schooled.

51.1 Back row S&R Silvano ultra rare 3 boxed sets made special order [c.1974] for Bob Cowan's Militaria at the Quadrangle in Dallas TX [Soldiers of the German Empire c.1900 (set 4 of 13), 4th Bengal Lancers (set 6 of 7), Bavarian Chevau-Leggers (set 4 of 13)], Mignot French Cuirassiers, Britains clockwork set 2048, March Past WW1 German & British infantry [with messenger pigeon], Black Watch Colour Party with Pipes and Drums, Mignot German WW1 charging infantry, Steadfast Royal Horse Artillery, Nigerian band, Ducal Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry band, Marlbourgh Royal Scots Colour party, 1937 English penny, Marlbourgh Black Watch Colour Party. Right side    Left side

51.2  Mignot Napoleonic infantry [5 sets], Britains set 1730 Artillery unit, Mignot French Musketeers, Mignot Mounted French Musketeers, Mignot Napoleonic French Foot Artillery [2 sets 0037], Mignot Napoleonic Russian Grenadiers Pavlowsky Regiment set 0045, Authenticast British infantry c.1700, Steadfast Stable Detail, Wollner Gun Team c.1879, DORSET English 5th Lancer Band, French Franco-Prussian War infantry, Britains set 173 Serbian infantry, Arabs/Bedouins, Black Watch Sudan 1889, Royal Navy Landing party, British Royal Marines. Right side  Left side

51.3  Britains Royal Army Medical Corps, Authenticast British 8th Army Infantry, Britains Bren Gun carriers set 1876, Britains Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace set 1555, Deitz Napoleonic British Royal Rocket unit, 2 Prussian Napoleonic flag bearers, Britains Mountain Artillery set 28, Britains US Infantry set 2032, Britains Anti Aircraft set 2052, US Marine Band. Right  Left

Toy Soldiers  toy soldiers  toy soldiers 
Case 52:
Britains mix; Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Scot Guards at present. 
Case 53:
1st: Britains #119 Gloustershire Rgt 1939, miscellaneous 35mm flats, Britains #119 Gloustershire Rgt 1936.
2nd: Unknown makers WW1 British Camel Corps, WW1 British Artillery team & truck.
3rd: Authenticast WW1 cavalry, Mignot French Infantry 1878, Britains #196 Greek Evzones.
4th: Dorset British hospital group, WW2 USAAF bomber crew after raid.
5th: Britains ACW, Britains rare set #108 6th Dragoons, Mignot ancient Greek cavalry.
6th: Leatherneck Pipe Band. 
Case 54:
WW2 armour: British A15 Crusader, USA Sherman tank, German Jagdtiger tank destroyer, German Wirbelwind anti-aircraft. Britains cannons #2107 18” howitzer, #2356 25 pounder field gun, #1263 19th century 4 pounder.

James knight toy soldiers Jim Knight
Library:  The reference library contains over 70 hardback volumes as well as magazines and auction catalogs.  Authors such as James Opie, Norman Joplin, Andrew Rose, Richard O'Brien, Dominique Pascal works here.  Von Clauswitz, J. F. C. Fuller, Baron Jomini, plus others are also represented.  Magazines include Campaigns, Old Toy Soldier, The Standard, Toy Collector, and are kept in readily accessible binders.  Vectis and Old Toy Soldier Auctions catalogs are kept in binders.  Various old catalogs as early as 1975 from Tradition, Customcast, G.B.G./Mignot, Imrie/Richardson, Dutkins have been accumulated and stored.       56.1 Marlborough Mahadis attacking British, 1880s, Mignot English Infantry 1815 Waterloo, Napoleonic French band, Imrie/Richardson figures [3] by Jon Peterson 1976 [American 2nd Rhode Island Rgmt 1776 Drummer Boy, British English 40th Rgmt of Foot 1776, George Washington 1775], miscellaneous figures [some John Tonstill], Marlborough English staff meeting.

56.2 Marlborough Black Watch Colour Party with guards, English horse, Band, Royal Marines, Garrison in Yorktown 5 sets [Royal Deau-Pontes, Revolutionary War Virginia Infantry 1778, Revolutionary War American Infantry, Revolutionary War British Grenadiers, Revolutionary War British 64th Rgmt of Foot], Marlborough Black Watch Pipe Band, 1st Kohat Mountain Artillery.

56.3 Marlborough Royal Marines Gattling Gun/crew, Marlborough Royal Artillery gun crew cleaning, Quartermaster Corps Ammo Wagon Zulu Wars 1879, 24th Foot Welsh 1879 Rorkes Drift handler & 2 horses, 24th Foot Welsh 1879 Rorkes Drift Defenders, Zulus.

56.4 NOT FROM STEPHENS COLLECTION. Ducal Irish Guards Band & Colour Guard, Ducal 16th Queen's Lancers Marching Band.
 In case you are wondering what Jim looks like......
Taken about 1948-1949 with first collection beginnings. From old [obviously] Polaroid picture. He still has the Cub Scout ring he is wearing in the picture.
toy soldiers britains  Fighter planes
Art:  Oval framed Johillco golden knights Case 55:  French Zouaves in uniforms of The Franco-Prussian War 1870. AVIATION SECTION:  From left, Messershmit Me-262 Schwalbe jet, Lockeed P-38H Lightning, Lockeed P-38G, German Blue Max medal replica, Fokker Dr-I Red Baron, British World War I Fairey III Navy seaplane, Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, Gruman F9F Panther jet, Junkers JU-87D Stuka, Donier Do-335 Arrow, Focke-Wulf Fw 190, Starfleet USS Enterprise 1701. The Aviation section also has three other aircraft currently residing in Cases 36 and 57.

toy soldiers zulu
Case 32 Shelf 3 Zulus attacking British troops 1879
Case 26 Shelf 2 Britains #101 Band of the Life Guards, Britains Sovereign Escort #2067, Britains Coronation Coach #1470 with Royal Household Escort #1475, Britains Scots Guards at Present from #1555, Britains Life Guards at Halt #2029, Britains Royal Scots Greys Band [#1720] and Royal Scots Greys troops [from #32].
Toy soldiers
30.5  Britains anti-aircraft Lewis gun, William Grant WW2 Rangers, Britains WW1 British infantry supported by FT-17 tank attacking Authenticast WW2 Germans.
Toy soldiers case 31 s1
Case 35 Shelf 1  Another case I made to open up display of figures:
1st: Britains #137 Bren Gun Carrier, Britains Sopwith Camel with crew, Authenticast British desert troops, Britains Armored Car, US WW1 infantry summer uniform, unknown maker British Guards running at the trail, John Tunstill British Royal Marines Band [Boer War], Britains #17 Somerset Light Infantry, Britains Coldstream Guards firing #90 , Britains Scots Guard Pioneers #82, Britains Changing of the Guard [a put-together set of mixed Guards figures [including sets #2078, #130, #1515, #37].
Toy soldiers case 35 s2
Case 35 Shelf 2  Britains Scot's Guard Pipes and Drums #1722, Britains US Infantry WW2 #2033, Britains Band of the USMC Summer Uniform #2112, Britains Black Watch Pipes & Drums, Britains Somerset Light Infantry, Britains #171 Dueling Royal Scot Grey with French Hussar, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Band, Ducal Scots Guards Pipes & Drums, Foker D-VII art piece, Britains #2086 Queen's Royal Regiment firing, Mignot #136 Monaco Guards, Britains #146 wagon, Japanese Home Defense Infantry and Color Guard, Britains West Point Cadets from #299 platoon pass in review, Blackhawk Carthaginian War Elephant, British sailors War along the Nile.
Toy soldiers Case 35 s3
Case 35 Shelf 3 WW2: German Panther tank diorama, Sherman tank destroying German machine-gun emplacement, German Wirbelwind anti-aircraft tank, Higgins boats landing against tanks, one containing Willies Jeep.
toy soldiers
CASE 57.1:  From the left, American Civil War Union Negro Troops [plastic] defending White artillery, Britains Berkshire Band [2093] augmented with extra pieces, 8 Scottish pipers of various regiments, Napoleonic field howitzer, French Marines c.1900, Ducal Black Watch Pipe Band, Steadfast Ludhiana Sikhs [50 & 51], Culver Military Academy uniform buttons 1899 & 1955 [I attended two years summer Naval School 1953 & 1954], French marines c.1900, Mignot civilians, French marines c.1900, miscellaneous Britains & Mignot trees.
toy soldiers
CASE 57.2:  From the left, Bahamas Police Band, Britains naval canon [9721] in bastion guarded by French Napoleonic grenadier, Britains Scots Guards firing, Britains half-set Scots [2126], WW2 US Army M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage, Avon Toy Soldiers US Navy enlisted man and officer,Indian Pathan Tribesmen c.1890, USN aircraft carrier deck crew, Britains Cameron Highlanders [114], British 24th 1880s, Boer War British bullock [Britains bullock] artillery train and donkey ammo cart, Steadfast Boers firing from behind Britains farm hedges and gate, various Medieval Knights,Midieval Polish Flag Bearer, Medieval Mounted Knight, King Henry II Mounted with mace, King Henry V Mounted with battle ax, mounted German 14thcentury knight, Dauphin of France mounted with sword, Sir Lancelot mounted with lance, medieval mounted knight with blue tracings, Count Sarsfield mounted with mace, Comte deBlois on falling horse, British sailors, US Navy Bluejackets WW1, Britains French Foreign Legion [1711], Frontline Figures Death of Baron Manfred von Richthofen [FF.2.], WW2 Italian African Campaign infantry, Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip saluted by Britains Grenadier Guards, Authenticast Swedish infantry c.1945 prone firing, S&R Silvano 16th (Queen’s Lancers) [Special 12 of 73 sets, c.1972].
Toy soldiers

60.1 Albatros DV Uffz. Paul Baumer; Royal Marines at slope arms, British Sailors, Brit Royal Navy Band, Black Watch Pipe Band, Blues from 2085 Musical Ride, Coldstream Guards firing from set 90, French Turcos 1890, 1st First Georgia Rgmnt 1778, Gordon Highlanders, British artillery crew 1899, Screw Gun, Algerian Camel Corp, Life Guards, Capetown Highlanders marching at slope, Spahis, U.S.Color Guard 1812, U.S.Color Guard 1776, British Grenadiers 1778, from French Infantry WW1

French Cuirassier/Brit Infantry dual 1809, French Cuirassier, Brit Royal Horse Artillery, Misc mounted medieval knights

60.2:  Gurkha Color Guard, Irish pipers, Royal Parachute Colour Guard “Red Devils”, French ww1 horse artillery, French ww1 forage wagon, King's Own Scottish Borderers Maxim Crew, [mule Britains recast], Band of the Capetown Mounted Rifles, Band Of 11th Bengal Lancers, US M8 “Greyhound” Armored Car, 1956 Chevrolet, Ambulance c1930, 1957 Chevrolet, Height Finder & Operator, misc figures WW2

60.3:  French Marines c.1900, White Man's Burden by Dorset, Cleopatra on barge, misc camels resting, camels, zebras, Arab, misc trees & shrubs mix w/ Mignot, Egyptian Camel Band, Egyptian Camel Corps, Egyptian Infantry, Nile River Gun Boat, “African Queen,” Egyptian Infantry Click on the shelf number for a close up of that shelf