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Welcome to my Toy Soldier site

"Strato" translates to "Army" in Greek

This site is here as a reference for my collection of toy soldiers. It is not bandwidth friendly for limited data plans. I use large images for better detail. Nothing here is for sale. I repeat, nothing of mine is for sale. You can find some gunboats for sale HERE though.
 I started it June 23rd, 2013. Last updated 3/15/2019

Collection Information

Many of the sets of the PAL/AOHNA figures have been in my possession for over 50 years. Any Greek figure is on the Greek pages regardless of the brand. The same goes for Knights. If I get 9 sets or more of any brand of non-Greek figures they will get their own page. I have added some pages of collections or makers of soldiers I have met during the past year or so. These are friends I have made through this hobby.

Tabs Reference

  • Ancients This page is loaded with photos of Ancient Greeks from many brands, including many rare PAL and Athena soldiers.
  • Evzones Lots of photos here as well. Again a few rare ones
  • Asst Greeks A page dedicated to the Greek Military from many eras from many brands
  • Dinos Replcas Dinos makes exact replicas of PAL figures that are perfect.
  • Greek War of Independence This page is dedicated to the heroes of the Greek War of Independence. I do not own all the figures displayed there.
  • Britians I like this brand and have several (more than several actually) non Greek sets
  • Knights Many different brand here but most are from England.
  • Soldier's Soldiers I have several sets of John Tunstill's brand of toy soldiers.
  • Other Brands Assorted sets of sets I like from various makers.
  • Information Links A page of great sources for toy soldiers that I have used. Other interesting links as well.
  • Avon Toy Soldiers Avon toy Soldiers is owned by Joe DeMarco in NJ. Some of his work is displayed here.
  • PAL Metal Replicas As Dinos makes replicas in resin, Nikos Miaris makes them in metal.
  • Mignot Love this brand. Exquisite detail - but at a steep price
  • Authenticast A page dedicated mainly to the soldiers and figures of Holger Eriksson, Frank Rogers, and the Authenicast "Family" of companies.
  • Hiriart Hiriart in Uraguay makes some beautiful figures. The most beautiful being Greeks
  • DorsetDorset is located in the United Kingdom. This page has all the Greek sets in their catalog and a few more.
  • Pirates A collection of various brands of Pirates AARRGGH!!

This site is just informational. Nothing is for sale. All photos have been taken by me and are copyrighted.

Images may not be downloaded without prior permission. (Since you will do it anyway - permission granted)